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Which Garage Door Opener Is Right For You?

So it’s time for a new garage door opener, and you’ve called your local garage door expert. They give you three different options; a Chain Drive, a Belt Drive, and a Jackshaft. how do you know which opener is the right one for you? Hopefully after reading this, you will know. For pricing of options please contact your local garage door expert.

Lets go over the three types and what they are good for:

Chain Drive:

A Chain Drive opener is a great option for people that like to save on costs. However if you have bedrooms above the garage, you might here some complaints about the noise. Since this option uses a metal chain, similar to a bike chain, it may require more maintenance than the other options.

Belt Drive Openers:

A Belt Drive opener is a step up from the Chain Drive. The Belt Drive is much quieter than the chain drive. This option is perfect for homes that have bedrooms above the garage. No noise complaints for this one. This opener uses a belt and pulley, making it quieter and require less maintenance.


Jackshaft openers are side mounted on either side of the garage and require no rail to run along the ceiling. This option is the quietest option of all and is perfect for homes that have storage hanging from the ceiling in the garage. This model Does not use a chain or belt thus requires less maintenance than the other two options

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Which Garage Door Opener Is Right For You?

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