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Misplaced Your Garage Door Remote? Here’s What You Need To Know

When you think about it, how do you get into your home the most? Through the front door? Or through your garage door? For a lot of homeowners, the answer is through the garage door. It’s convenient. It’s easy, you just click the garage door remote, the door opens, you pull in and park, push the wall button, and the garage door closes. But what happens if you lose or misplace your remote? Can you still get in your garage? If someone finds it, can they get into your garage? Let us answer that for you. If you’ve lost you’re remote, there’s no need to worry. Here are a few steps to help you;

1. Retrace your steps:

Maybe it fell under your seat? Try looking around your car. Under the seat, under the pedals, in the door. All of those are common areas that a garage remote could end up. Or maybe it fell out of your pocket at the gym? If you’re able to, go back and look. Most of the time, checking the areas of where you just came from can end with you finding your garage remote. But let’s say you didn’t find it and you’re worried someone might get in your garage door. Have no fear, Pioneer Overhead Door Company, LLC is here to help.

2. Unlearn the remote

So you couldn’t find your garage remote? Luckily there’s a quick way you can reset your opener so that the remote won’t open the garage door. If you have a ladder available, you may need it.

On the back of most openers you should see a circular button. It may vary in color (yellow, purple, green). This is the “learn button”. Hold this button down for approximately 10 seconds, it may or may not blink. After 10 seconds, release the button, and now you have successfully erased the remotes from the opener. If you have additional garage remotes, they will need to me reprogrammed. The reprogramming process is as follows; 1. Press and release the learn button. (A yellow light should be on) 2. Hold the button on the remote you wish to program to this door. (If it was successful, you should hear a click and the lights on the garage door opener should flash off and on)

3. Get a new remote

Now that you’ve successfully erased your old remote from your garage door opener, it’s time to replace the remote you lost. To ensure you get the right one, take note of what color the learn button is. Most universal garage door opener remotes will tell you what color learn buttons they work with. Once you’ve got the color of the learn button, you now have a choice. Pick one up from a store like home depot or call out a garage door professional. If you decide you want to go the DIY route, I always recommend a Chamberlain universal garage door remote as it connects to most openers. Take it home and follow the learn instructions we discussed above.

If you decide to call a garage door professional, let them know the color and brand of your opener. If you’re unsure of either of those, ask them to come take a look. Pioneer Overhead Door Company, LLC along with many other garage door companies offer free estimates. The professional will get you set up with a new remote as well as ensure any other remotes or keypads are connected to the opener.

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Misplaced Your Garage Door Remote? Here’s What You Need To Know

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