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What You Need To Know Before Installation

Now that you’ve gone through the process of picking your new garage door and opener, it’s time to start thinking about scheduling the installation. The garage door professional you’ve been working with will more than likely give you an estimated arrival date for the materials. For instance here in Clark County Washington, the current wait for garage doors is 4-8 weeks. Some models and styles are kept in stock.

However, before you schedule the installation, there are a few things you’ll want to take into consideration. Things such as; is your garage clean? Is there enough room for the professional to work? Among a few others. Below we’ll go into detail on how you can prepare your garage for a new garage door and opener.

Room to work

Installing a garage door and opener is no easy task. In order to properly install a garage door, the technician will need to be able to maneuver a ladder along the length of the garage door as well as underneath the tracks and garage door opener. The easiest way to achieve this without worrying if it’s enough space is to clear the floor between the garage door and one foot behind the garage door opener.

By clearing this space, you help with a couple of things.

  1. You help ensure a smooth and easy installation
  2. You protect your belongings from any falling parts
  3. It helps keep the technician safe from trip hazards
  4. Your technician isn’t worn out from moving your belongings to a safe space.

Available Power Outlet

If this is a brand new installation of a garage door and opener, not a replacement, you’ll want to be sure the technician has access to a power outlet. The outlet will allow for a few things.

  1. An outlet to plug the garage door opener into for testing
  2. Some of the tools the technician uses may require an outlet.
  3. Some garages don’t have lights, your technician may need a spot to plug in an area light.

Keep in mind, an available power outlet will help your installation go smoothly. Without an outlet, garage door openers cannot be programmed or tested.

If an outlet is not available in the garage, the technician can use one from elsewhere. However an extension cord is required for this. You’ll have two options in this case, either you can go purchase an extension cord before the installation, or let the technician know and they can bring one and you can purchase it from them.


The last thing you or your garage door technician wants is to be working in the dark. The number of mistakes that can happen, simply because your technician couldn’t clearly see what he’s doing, is infinite. To ensure a proper installation, your garage should be well lit. Whether you have lighting or your technician needs to bring one, it’s best to let your technician know prior to installation. Most garage door technicians will have a portable area light to plug in if needed.

Even though you’ve already cleared the area in your garage, there can still be a lot of trip hazards during a garage door and opener installation. Torsion springs, torsion tubes, garage door opener rails, are just a few of the parts the technician will have in the garage, along with the different sections of the garage door.

Installation Day

Installation day is here!!! Your garage door technician is on his way with your new Amarr garage door. Are you ready? Did you clear the required space? Did you ensure there is an available power outlet for your new garage door opener? And last but not least, is the area lit up or did you let the garage door tech know they need to bring a light?

If you followed these three simple steps, your installation should go smoothly with little to no hiccups. Your garage door installation should be done in a matter of hours and you, a satisifed customer, can now enjoy the new look to your home and… even better…. maybe a little savings on your energy bill.

Pioneer Overhead Door Company, LLC is here to help with all of your garage door needs. Call or text today to schedule your free estimate or if you have any questions.

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What You Need To Know Before Installation

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