Welcome to the Fort Vancouver National Historic Site, located in the heart of Vancouver, Washington! This amazing 366-acre park is like a time machine, taking you on a journey through North American history. From the fur trade era to the Cold War, this place is bursting with fascinating stories and cultural treasures.

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Back in 1824, the Hudson’s Bay Company built Fort Vancouver, which quickly became an important fur trading outpost. It was even known as the “New York of the Pacific”! This place was a lifeline for trappers and traders, offering them a place to rest and trade in the challenging wilderness of the Pacific Northwest. It was also the first multicultural hub in the region, where people from different backgrounds came together and created a vibrant community.

Today, you can step back in time and experience life as it was almost two centuries ago. The reconstructed fort is like a living history museum, with buildings like the Chief Factor’s House, Indian Trade Shop, and Blacksmith Shop. Each building is a piece of the puzzle, giving you a glimpse into the lives of the people who shaped the American West. You might even see costumed interpreters and blacksmithing demonstrations, bringing these stories to life right before your eyes!

But the Fort Vancouver National Historic Site is more than just the fort itself. It also includes the Pearson Air Museum, where you can learn about the region’s aviation history, and the McLoughlin House in Oregon City, which tells the story of the transition from British to American rule. And don’t forget about the vast archaeological repository, which holds over two million artifacts! Every artifact, whether it’s a piece of porcelain or a fur trapper’s tool, adds to the ever-evolving narrative of this place.

When you visit the site, there are so many things to do! You can take a guided tour, hike on trails that wind through historic landscapes, or participate in educational programs and workshops. And as you look out from the fort’s bastion, with the majestic Columbia River in the background, you can’t help but feel the indomitable spirit of the past, echoing through the present.

The Fort Vancouver National Historic Site is truly a landmark that represents the rich and diverse history of the Pacific Northwest. It’s a place where you can learn, reflect, and find inspiration. So come on in and uncover the layers of history that are waiting for you within these boundaries.

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